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Prom dress ideas for plus size girls


Surprising though it may seem, plumper girls can look in their prom dress as gorgeous as their slimmer friends with a waif-like figure. Certainly, you do not have to have a size zero to look fabulous in your prom gown. Even being a plus size girl does not minimize your chances of presenting well in your prom gown as long as you take seriously some prom dress ideas for plus size girls. Those ideas stress the importance of showing off the assets of your figure not its shortcomings which can be realized by picking a right shape of your prom outfit as well as its colour.

Being a plus size girl has its restrictions as far as the shape of your prom gown is concerned.
Two shapes of gowns could work well with your figure. The first type of dress you may
consider is the one with an empire-waist. In such a dress your big belly and bottom will be
hidden as the waistline starts right under your bosom. Also, such a dress makes your bust look bigger. The second type of gown you may think about is an A-line. This dress is fitted at your hips and widens to the bottom which has a slimming effect on your tummy and big bottom which somehow get hidden. An A-line gown is good for girls that have a full bosom. By wearing your prom outfit in one of those shapes you can be certain that you will look spectacularly good having all your figure’s shortcomings not exposed. Do not experiment with any other types of prom dresses as in all probability you will not look that gorgeous in them.

While discussing prom dress ideas for plus size girls it has to be noticed that the colour of your dress is very important. Do not make your bulge bigger by wearing a gown in bright colours.

Being a plus size girl means that you have to pick your gown in a darker colour. What is the
point of overwhelming your figure with extra ten pounds by putting on a sweet pink dress
while a darker dress can take away many pounds from your weight? Try hard as you might to select a two-tone dress that will make you more attractive and slender.

In fact, prom dress ideas for plus size girls confine to the type of prom gown and its colour
which means that it is within your hands to pick a proper outfit. Bear in mind that your weight does not have to act as a hindrance in looking attractive as you may get spectacular looks as long as you choose a proper fashion of your outfit. Small things in your prom dress can really make a prom night star out of you.

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Marta Jaruzel


April 2014
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